This blog was set up in January 2012 as a place for me to share recipes for meals I made whilst following the Slimming World diet. It also gave me an opportunity to practise my photography skills.

My dieting journey started in July 2008, 3 months after having my second daughter (my first born only one year older). I weight in at 166lbs, at 5ft 1" making my BMI over 31! I looked shocking for my 23 years. By March 2009 i had slimmed down to around 120lbs with the help of weight watchers and daily execise. I managed to keep the weigh off for about 1 year until it started to creep back up and eventually by December 2010 i was back at 135lb. Then i found out I was pregnant again.

I realised that I could follow Slimming World whilst pregnant. The plan helped me to maintain a healthy weight during my pregnancy and by the time i gave birth to my son in August 2011 I had gained a healthy 15lb. Unfortunately since then I have started to pile the weight back on and ended up at 144.8lbs, BMI over 27. So as of 3rd January 2012 I restated Slimming World from home. I hope to lose 34lb this time.


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